Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

We respect and love our nature and want to reduce our carbon footprint, this is why we do our best to make the Vegan Surf Camp as Green as we can!


The Vegan Surf Camp is an event that is organized by the french non profit Association L’Amour de la Terre.

The association’s aim is to spread an ecological know-how and to share information about a healthy vegan and organic diet, natural agriculture and living in harmony with the Earth. In order to prove that we can improve our quality of living thanks to natural products and ecological thinking combined with activities such as Surf and Yoga.

We want to develop a cooperative spirit with our partners and association members. Our goal is to make organic and local products accessible for everyone.



In relation with our goal as association, we organises regularly in partnership with other associations conferences dealing about  ecological, social and environmental topics. We regularly invite associations such as “Surfrider Foundation Europe” or “L’Association Végétarienne de France”. (for more information, have a look on our Facebook page for all events).

Keeping in mind the vision of seting up an International Vegan Network and attempting to a Vegan Portal accessible for all.

If you want to plan a conferencce or an exchange any kind, you can simply send us a mail with subject “Event 2018” to

Our Cuisine

We only use vegan, organic, local and seasonal products with a minimum impact on the environment.

We partner up with organic wholesalers and select only ecological and seasonal products with a minimum of packaging.

Our organic Tofu and Seitan is also from a local producer located in the same region than the Surf Camp.

Drinking Water

We provide an Aquion ActivWater Filter, we are very proud of this investment as a healthy diet starts with the best quality drinking water. At the same time we reduce the number of plastic bottles by encouraging everyone to get one of our Eco-friendly Vegan Surf Camp reusable bottles.

Camp – DIY

Our camp is constructed by using as many eco-friendly materials as we can. We love woodwork such as our handmade pallet couches, our bar or all the other cozy corners we made by using recovery materials (pallets, wood from the beach…).

Surfing – Let’s make our beaches clean again

We love the ocean and don’t want to harm this amazing environment.

Beach Cleanings

As partners of “Surfrider Foundation Europe” we organise every week a beach cleaning action. There you will learn more about the origin of the ocean pollution, their impact on the environment and ways to reduce it.

Eco-friendly Surfboards

We partner up with the most eco-friendly and greatest surfboard shapers from the region.

Notox – Surfboards from Anglet – In the same region than our camp.

Kun-tiqi – Balsa Wood boards from Santander, Northern Spain.

We reduce, sort and recycle our waste

As holiday destinations are often big waste producers, we do our best to offer an alternative lifestyle experience.

We reduce the waste we make, sort it and recycle whatever can be.

We partner up with a local organic farmers and bring them our organic wastes for composting.

Bio & Surf Shop

In 2015, we opened the first Vegan and organic surf shop in Moliets-Plage which enables holidaymakers to purchase quality products at their holiday destination and accessible without a car.